Launched by Experienced Executives & Serial Entrepreneurs

Signal Lamp Partners is a seed and early-stage venture capital firm. Launched by experienced executives and serial entrepreneurs, we use our human and financial capital to support founders in growing their companies while providing our investors a myriad of investment opportunities.


The founders of Signal Lamp have amassed decades of experience in the software and technology industries. And a vast network of contacts to show for it. We know what we’re doing, and whom we should do it with.


A great idea is inevitable. Undeniable. Unstoppable. We recognize it, nurture it, bring it to market. If the vision is clear, and the people strong, there’s no destination that’s out of reach.


We only take on a company after they pass a rigorous screening process, market analysis and business plan breakdown. Then we’ll act decisively and work tirelessly, supporting you with all the reso

Everything You Need in One Place: Suite of Services

SLP will help you develop the right market strategy taking you through a process and utilizing several tools to ensure your success.
When portfolio companies need assistance with business infrastructure like CRM, Customer Service, ERP, MFG, Cloud, SLP can help. Both Managing Partners come from Technology backgrounds and their network of trusted advisors consist of current Executives in Technology, Marketing, Development and Engineering. SLP will ensure you get the best advice for your business.
Marketing, Branding, PR
SLP works with award-winning, highly strategic, creative and digital media partners for clients. We have found that giving customers the opportunity to engage and interact with a product or service is the most powerful way to win brand loyalty. Our initiatives help increase brand awareness, product preference, drive traffic and sales and create consumer loyalty. The experience in digital and experiential marketing combined with in-house production, digital and creative capabilities, along with public relations enable us to deliver programs that build relationships, influence behavior and motivate action.
Business Development
SLP has extensive experience selling direct to start-ups, midcap and Enterprise sized companies both domestic and globally. SLP also has experience setting up and leveraging channel partners as well. Our contacts developed from working at companies like Panasonic, Oracle and Alcatel and Genesys Labs.
Additional VC Partners
SLP will work with our network of Venture Capital firms to find additional funding and expertise to ensure you meet your financial goals.
SLP works with John Hamilton Jr., a Partner at Newmeyer & Dillon LLP. Newmeyer & Dillon is a full-service law firm staffed with over 70 attorneys in 3 offices. Read more about John here.
Bank Loan
SLP works with the techology and venture capital lending groups at Citi National Bank and JP Morgan Chase.

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